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   Autism Presenter

Blue Fan, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is focused on improving the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The name Blue Fan, Inc. was derived from an enduring circumscribed interest and chosen to both acknowledge and celebrate Ryan’s unique way of interacting with others.


The diagnosis of ASD includes individuals with an enormous range of profiles, strengths and challenges.  One of the overall goals of Blue Fan, Inc. is to help professionals and parents see more clearly and intuitively into the complex nature of this disorder by providing a personal perspective of living with autism.  

We have had the privilege of having Ryan Foley present at the Marcus Autism Center's Summer Symposium on Autism Spectrum Disorders for the past three years.  Ryan's personal account has been the highlight of our symposium that typically includes clinical and scientific lectures.  He presents his story in such an insightful, passionate, and endearing manner that audiences are not only immediately drawn to him, but are also enlightened to the incredible strengths and challenges that come with living with autism.  He is a poised, articulate, and extremely entertaining presenter not to be missed!


Dr. Celine Saulnier, Ph.D., Clinical Director for Research, Marcus Autism Center


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